Top 5 Online Abacus Classes For Kids In India

Top 5 Online Abacus Classes For Kids In India The coronavirus pandemic is going to be almost two years old. In this such a situation, many are students are feeling a lot of mental stress. To overcome this stress, many students are learning new skills. In such a situation, the demand for online learning platforms in India has increased significantly.

All children Parents are resorting to best e learning platforms and to teach new skills to their are childrens. In such a situation, if you want to teach your child the skills of maths and data calculation, then Career India Hindi brings to you the information of Top 5 Online Abacus Training Classes. With the help of which you can teach maths to your children through play.

Following this trend, online abacus platforms are also witnessing an increase in their users and customers. In this new era where digital learning is the future of education, online abacus platforms are now becoming the preferred choice by children and students to improve their skill sets. For some children, math and numbers come naturally to them, but when it comes to complex numbers and calculations most students struggle to calculate.

The abacus has existed for centuries and is considered one of the best tools to develop arithmetic skills and numerical fluency. The abacus tool is used to perform mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, cube root or square.

Moreover, it can be used to improve your calculation skills including counting decimal digits, negative numbers and much more. Here are five platforms in India that provide 100% digital abacus training and inspire youth to be role models of the future.

British Youth International College

Top 5 Online Abacus Classes For Kids In India

UK based platform, BYITC is the first company in the world to launch online abacus learning platform. There are many platforms has a fully functional virtual abacus and uses interactive and instructor led abacus teaching methodology for holistic mental development of childrens. These online classes provide step-by-step approach which aims to guide the students keeping abacus in mind and calculate sums faster than calculator.

BYITC teachers provide deep learning and feedback to every student. They are covers addition, subtraction, multiplications, and division, decimal addition, decimal subtractions, decimal multiplication and decimal division. They are the only abacus company that provides decimal based calculations.

Abacus Supermaths

‘SuperMaths’ provides a friendly and interactive platform for the students to use the abacus tools. Their classes allow you to put mental theory concepts into practice by working on online worksheets. This is course comes in the two tracks, Juniors and Seniors. The first track is consists of 11 levels available and while the second, senior track is consists of 8 levels Available. An online test is conducted at the end of each level after which the student is promoted to the next level. They teach through application based video classes led by instructors.


The aim of the Udemy Abacus course is to develop the brain by helping you improve your calculations, ability, number comprehension and mental arithmetic. This course, completely multimedia and animation, will teach you how to perform basic math operations on the abacus accurately and quickly. By starting these abacus online classes, you will be able to place numbers on abacus, solve simple and understand 5 to friend number addition and subtraction.

Abacus Master

Abacus Master has been created by a comprehensive learning platform with the unique features to make Abacus more interesting. This e-learning platform provides abacus training to the students between the age group of 5-12 years. It consists of eight levels that cover all topics from basic to high abacus calculations. Students can take this course at their own pace; However, the portal suggests spending at least two months on each level to be completely confident. Their classes are given with the help of animations, unknown videos and practice worksheets

smart kid abacus

Smart Kid’s ‘Abacus Franchisee’ conducts abacus online classes for kids. These classes are held once a week for 45 minutes. There are flexibilites in timing and student can choose a from wide and variety of the courses. This is an 8 levels course consisting of 5 basic and three advances levels. The courses are designed for students in the age group of 4-14 years and these courses promote overall brain development by stimulating both sides of the brain along with the development of skills.

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