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MP GK Question For Sub Engineer Exam

MP Gk Question in English with Answers For Sub Engineer Exam: Aspirants who are for MP PEB Sub Engineer Exam and Searching for MP general knowledge MCQ are at on right website. On this page, we have Shared all important Gk question which can be asked MP Sub Engineer Written Exam.

Madhya Pradesh General knowledge question for MP sub Engineer Exam

MP GK Question For Sub Engineer Exam

1. The first state in India to pass the GST law in the Legislative Assembly was____-

A.         Tamil Nadu

B.         Assam

C.         Gujarat

D.         Madhya Pradesh

Ans- B

2. National Sports Day is celebrated every year when-

A.         29 August

B.         25 August

C.         21st August

D.         30 August

Ans- A

3. Who was the first Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh-

A.         Ravi Shankar Shukl

B.         Anoop Kumar

C.         Sanjay Jagdale

D.         Jayant Malaiya

Ans- A

4. Songiri is a pilgrimage place of _______.

A.         Jain

B.         Muslim

C.         Buddhist

D.         Sikh

Ans- A

5. Which river forms the Purva Falls in Rewa?

A.         Tamas

B.         Abundant

C.         Chachai

D.         Parvati

Ans- A

6. Who was the captain of India’s first ODI cricket?

A.         Mansoor Ali Khan

B.         Kapil Dev

C.         Ajit Wadekar

D.         Bishan Singh Bedi

Ans- C

7. How many spokes are there in Ashoka Chakra?

A.         24

B.         26

C.         12

D.         18

Ans- A

8. In which city is the Victoria Memorial?

A.         Kolkata

B.         Chennai

C.         Mumbai

D.         Indore

Ans- A

9. When is the World Population Day celebrated every year?

A.         July 11

B.         20 July

C.         25 July

D.         5th July

Ans- A

10. What is the name of the most famous saree in Khargone district?

A.         Chanderi

B.         Maheshwari

C.         Banarasi

D.         Ilkal

Ans- B

11. When was the Madhya Pradesh State Forest Development Board established?

A.         24 July 

B.         5 July 

C.         20 July 

D.         10 August

Ans- A

12. What was the name of the capital of Central India during the summers from 1948 to 1956?

A.         Bhopal

B.         Jabalpur

C.         Gwalior

D.         Indore

Years- D

13. Who is the 24th Governor of Reserve Bank of India?

A.         Urjit Patel

B.         D Subbarao

C.         Raghuram Rajan

D.         Bimal Jalan

Ans- A

14. Jatashankar Temple in Damoh is dedicated to _____.

A.         Mahadev ji

B.         Hanuman ji

C.         Vishnu ji

D.         Ramchandra ji

Ans- A

15. Which city was known as Avantika in ancient times?

A.         Ujjain

B.         Gwalior

C.         Jhansi

D.         Bhopal

Ans- A

mp patwari general knowledge questions

16. According to the 2011 census, which district of Madhya Pradesh has the lowest literacy rate?

A.         Jhabua

B.         Alirajpur

C.         Barwani

D.         Sheopur

Ans- B

17. In which field Hargobind Khurana was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1968?

A.         Physics

B.         Physiology or Medicine

C.         Chemistry

D.         Pharmacology

Ans- B

18. Who was the first Chief Justice of Madhya Pradesh?

A.         Justice P.V Dixit

B.         Justice M Hidayatullah

C.         Justice H J Kania

D.         Justice Ajay Manikrao Khanvilkar

Ans- B

19. World Cancer Day is observed every year on_______.

A.         4 February

B.         5 February

C.         6 February

D.         7 February

Ans- A

20. How many languages ​​other than Hindi and English have been used on the new Rs 500 note?

A.         14

B.         22

C.         23

D.         15

Years- D

21. Rani Durgavati is related to _______.

A.         Rewa

B.         Gwalior

C.         Emerald

D.         Jabalpur

Years- D

22. Where is the security paper factory located in Madhya Pradesh?

A.         Hoshangabad

B.         Dewas

C.         Gwalior

D.         torrent

Ans- A

23. India’s astronaut Kalpana Chawla went to space for the first time with which spacecraft?

A.         Colombia

B.         Discovery

C.         Enterprise

D.         Atlantis

Ans- A

24. Where is Gola Math located in Satna? 

A.         Maihar

B.         Nagod

C.         Paran

D.         Raghuraj Nagar

Ans- A

25. Bhimbetka caves are famous for? 

A.         Statues

B.         Tiger Park

C.         rock paintings

D.         Temples

Ans- C

26. Deficiency of which of the following substance causes beriberi disease?

A.         Vitamin B1

B.         Protein

C.         Vitamin C

D.         fat

Ans- A

27. When is International Tiger Day observed every year? 

A.         29 July

B.         May 13

C.         23 July

D.         15 May

Ans- A

28. Where is the largest desert in India? 

A.         Uttar Pradesh

B.         In Bihar

C.         Rajasthan

D.         in Madhya Pradesh

Ans- C

29. Where is the temple of Mangalnath which is dedicated to the planet Mars? 

A.         Ujjain

B.         Maheshwar

C.         in Omkareshwar

D.         in Datia

Ans- A

30. Who is the first Indian female wrestler to win a medal in Olympics? 

A.         Sakshi Malik

B.         Babita Kumari

C.         Vinesh Phogat

D.         Geeta Phogat

Ans- A

Patwari General Knowledge Quiz (Patwari Samanya Gyan prashnotari) 

31. Who was the first speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Madhya Pradesh? 

A.         Pandit Key Lal Dubey

B.         Sitasharan Sharma

C.         Sarla Grewal

D.         G P Bhatt

Ans- A

32. Which is the richest plateau in minerals in India? 

A.         Chota Nagpur Plateau

B.         Mysore Plateau

C.         Deccan Plateau

D.         Malwa Plateau

Ans- A

33. Which is the largest state of India in terms of area? 

A.         Madhya Pradesh

B.         Maharashtra

C.         Karnataka

D.         Rajasthan

Years- D

34. Where are both Hindola Mahal and Jahaz Mahal located? 

A.         Mandu

B.         Rewa

C.         Bhojpur

D.         Rajgarh

Ans- A

35. Neemuch district touches the border of which other state? 

A.         Rajasthan

B.         Maharashtra

C.         Uttar Pradesh

D.         Chhattisgarh

Ans- A

36. Who has the power to adjourn the Lok Sabha? 

A.         speaker

B.         Chief Justice of India

C.         Prime Minister

D.         President

Years- D

37. The principal seat of the High Court of Madhya Pradesh is-

A.         Bhopal

B.         Jabalpur

C.         Indore

D.         Gwalior

Ans- B

38. Which of the following is a popular tourist destination in Indore? 

A.         Belbagh

B.         Lal Bagh Palace

C.         Aishbagh

D.         Vyoharbagh

Ans- B

39. Where is the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics located?

A.         Mumbai

B.         Kolkata

C.         Chennai

D.         New Delhi

Ans- B

40. When is the World Red Cross Day observed every year?

A.         May 8

B.         9 May

C.         7 May

D.         May 5

Ans- A

41. Who was the chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee? 

A.         Jawaharlal Nehru

B.         Dr. BR Ambedkar

C.         Dr. Rajendra Prasad

D.         Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Ans- B

42. The Sikh Khalsa was founded by?

A.         Guru Nanak

B.         Guru Gobind Singh

C.         Guru Tej Bahadur

D.         Guru Hargobind

Ans- B

43. Gun Carriage Factory is located in which of the following districts of Madhya Pradesh?

A.         Barwani

B.         Bhopal

C.         Jabalpur

D.         Gwalior

Ans- C

44. What percentage of the geographical area of ​​Madhya Pradesh is forest area from the point of view of 2011 census?

A.         45.57 %

B.         30.72 %

C.         75.54 %

D.         72.3 %

Ans- B

45. Who established the CSIR chain of scientific laboratories in India? 

A.         H. J. Bhabha

B.         B. D. Nag Choudhary

C.         D. S. Kothari

D.         S. s. Bhatnagar

Years- D

46. ​​Who founded the Golconda dynasty? 

A.         Adil Shah

B.         Mohammad Gowm

C.         Quli Qutb Shah

D.         Bahman Shah

Ans- C

47. Where will the National Sports Museum be set up in India? 

A.         Patiala

B.         Bangalore

C.         Hyderabad

D.         New Delhi

Years- D

48. ‘Jai Samhita’ is better known as?

A.         Mahabharata

B.         Ramayana

C.         Samaveda

D.         Rigveda

Ans- A

49. What is the name of the mountain ranges located in Hoshangabad?

A.         Vindhya

B.         Aravali

C.         Satpura

D.         McCall

Ans- C

50. Who implements the ordinances in the states?

A.         Governor

B.         Chief Minister

C.         President

D.         Chief Justice

Ans- A

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